Nancy Pelosi

The Pelosi attack tapes

Featured image Three recordings related to David DePape’s October 28 break-in at the Pelosi residence in San Francisco were released yesterday. The judge overseeing the state criminal case against DePape ordered the release of the tapes on the petition of a consortium of media outlets over the objection of the parties. Picked up by Capitol Police surveillance video, the first of the three recordings depicts DePape’s battering glass to make his way »

Was January 6 Pelosi’s Fault?

Featured image I haven’t paid much attention to the January 6, 2021, demonstration in Washington because it was not one of the 50 worst U.S. riots in the 12 months that bracketed it. It wasn’t even the most destructive riot, or the second most destructive, in Washington during that time. If you want to see a destructive riot, come to Minneapolis. But none of the Minneapolis rioters were arrested, held in solitary »

Climax of a Farce

Featured image It was a foregone conclusion that Nancy Pelosi’s absurd “January 6 Committee” would recommend to the Department of Justice that it bring criminal charges against Donald Trump. That was always the point. For the record, the committee’s referral includes obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the government–whatever that means–and inciting or assisting an insurrection. It is common for Congressional committees to send such referrals to the Justice Department. Usually »

Nancy, We Knew Ye Too Damn Well

Featured image Has Nancy Pelosi really been the Democrats’ House leader for only 20 years? It feels longer than that. As disappointing as this year’s election was, the fact that we no longer will be exposed to Ms. Pelosi is a big plus. And her successor will likely be an out radical, as opposed to a camouflaged radical. So that could be helpful. Others will offer more nuanced political commentary, but to »

Going deep on the deep-six

Featured image On Friday NBC’s Today show reported a story bearing on the assault on Paul Pelosi. Within a few hours the network deep-sixed the story with the comment that “it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” We posted the memory-holed story via Twitter and noted NBC’s retraction here. How did the story fail NBC News reporting standards? They didn’t say. The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi spoke to “people at the »

NBC deep-sixes Pelosi story

Featured image NBC News anchor Miguel Almaguer reported that Paul Pelosi reacted in an unusual way to the arrival of police officers after calling 911 in the incident that President Biden led his closing argument with this week. A few hours after the story aired yesterday morning on Today, however, NBC deep-sixed it with this editor’s statement: “The piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.” »

She who must not be mentioned

Featured image This Washington Free Beacon editorial includes Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising appeal on the back of the attack on her husband. The Free Beacon editorial responds to the call for Republicans to “spend the final week of the campaign sitting on the bench, reflecting, atoning” for the attack on Paul Pelosi. Minnesota 6h District Rep. and NRCC chairman Tom Emmer received the impassioned instruction of Margaret Brennan for Republicans to quit their »

The dope on DePape

Featured image Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked by a man with a hammer at the couple’s home in San Francisco early Friday morning. CNN has strung a series of reports on the attack here. CNN’s first report of the assault was posted at 11:08 a.m. on October 28. By 2:25 p.m. Gavin Newsom had attributed the attack to “divisive and hateful rhetoric.” By 7:25 p.m. President »

Pensées à la Pelosi

Featured image Yesterday Punchbowl News featured an insidery report on Chuck Schumer speaking to a few of his Democratic colleagues over dinner at a DC restaurant. This morning Punchbowl features an insidery report on Nancy Pelosi sharing concerns internally with her Democratic caucus: During a closed-door meeting of House Democrats on Wednesday morning, Speaker Nancy Pelosi relayed to her members something she’s been hearing from donors. Donors have been asking Pelosi why »


Featured image Punchbowl News is one of the insider online outlets that facilitates the Democrats’ Gleichschaltung. The founders describe the venture here. I subscribe to the morning newsletter via the Punchbowl home page when they established the site. In this morning’s edition — it can be accessed here at the moment — Punchbowl gurus Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan pass on the the Schuminations of the Senate Majority Leaders speaking to colleagues »

Mysteries of Pelosi’s trip

Featured image Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan today has occasioned Niall Ferguson’s long Bloomberg column on The Four Mysteries of Pelosi’s Troublesome Taiwan Trip.” It’s a learned column with interesting quotes from President Trump. Ferguson postulates that the Biden administration supports the trip because it wants to take a stronger stance against China than Trump did. I find that questionable, to say the least, and the evidence missing. Indeed, the Biden administration’s »

That Taiwan trip

Featured image According to Senator Tom Cotton, the leak of Nancy Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan “came straight from “the White House.” The AP reported yesterday that Taiwan was omitted from the itinerary of her Asian trip, but security concerns must have had something to do with that. Today comes word that Taiwanese and US officials expect her to visit Taiwan. The Wall Street Journal reports that Pelosi is indeed planning to »

Nancy Pelosi explains

Featured image Nancy Pelosi explains the legislative bigthink behind one of the bills making its way through Congress. Someone with a sense of humor has added the perfect soundtrack to the audio. Buried in the babble is the comment: “If they’re putting things in, then we can put something out, even if Manchin doesn’t like it.” I hope Manchin is listening and spends some time decoding Pelosi’s explication. It’s a little scary »

Pelosi vita

Featured image The New York Post has done what a good tabloid is supposed to do in its coverage of Nancy Pelosi’s Italian vacation. The Post’s photo-laden story could run under a headline that recalls The Ugly American, but the Post strikes with a cinematic flourish in “Pelosi Vita: Speaker, DUI hubby cavort at Italian resort owned by Andrea Bocelli.” Warning and apology: I found the photo featuring Pelosi’s “ample bosom” somewhat »

Democrats Put Out a Contract on Justice Barrett [Updated]

Featured image Would-be assassin Nicholas Roske failed to carry out his mission of assassinating Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This isn’t surprising: the sort of person who acts on incitement from the likes of Chuck Schumer is more or less deranged, and more or less incompetent. Yet there are more where Roske came from, and one of them may succeed. What do the Democrats think about attempted assassinations of Supreme Court justices? »

Gerontocracy, Gender Confusion and Where to Put Illegal Aliens

Featured image On Saturday night I made one of my regular appearances on Outsiders, a terrific news program on Sky News Australia. Outsiders is hosted by Rowan Dean, James Morrow and Rita Panahi. They do excellent commentary and also have some fun. Some of the themes of my interview may be familiar to you from Power Line posts: »

Our Geriatric Political Class Needs To Go

Featured image Yesterday Joe Biden gave a speech that ended like this. He is a frail, elderly man obviously suffering from dementia: After Biden finished his speech, he turned around and tried to shake hands with thin air and then wandered around looking confused — Washington Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) April 14, 2022 Joe Biden had been, for decades, a corrupt and incompetent pol. Today, he is either an extreme left-winger or »