Nancy Pelosi

The not so great hydroxychloroquine debate

Featured image So, President Trump says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against contracting the Wuhan coronavirus. You have to give him credit. He has the courage of his convictions. Actually, it doesn’t require courage to take hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure. The drug has been widely used to treat malaria and lupus for many decades. Like virtually every medication, it has side effects. However, it is not dangerous. The FDA »

House Bill Is a $3 Trillion Left-Wing Bonanza

Featured image Nancy Pelosi has unveiled an 1,800 page bill that provides for more than $3 trillion in new spending, ostensibly linked to the coronavirus. In fact, it is mostly must a liberal shopping list. This is, in summary form, some of what the bill contains: * Nearly $1 trillion for state and local governments, ostensibly to make up for anticipated budget shortfalls due to the virus. $540 billion is earmarked for »

How Does Pelosi Get Away With It?

Featured image Byron York asks a good question: “How does Nancy Pelosi get away with blocking desperately needed aid?” There is no dispute about what happened over the last two to three weeks, as thousands of small businesses were struggling–often unsuccessfully–to stay alive. Nancy Pelosi blocked federal aid to those businesses in order to pursue unrelated political goals. Pelosi didn’t stand in the way of aid for just an hour or two, »

Why Trump Will Win

Featured image Most current polls show Slow Joe Biden leading Trump by anywhere from 4 to 8 points, but this does not impress me very much. At this point in 1980, Jimmy Carter had a comfortable lead against GOP front-runner Ronald Reagan, too. Lots of state governors right now—even Michigan’s egregious Gwretched Whitless—have very high approval ratings, but I think this is a rally-round-the-flag effect that is as evanescent as a summer »

Forget it, Chris

Featured image As the Democrats hope to second-guess their way to victory over President Trump this November, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing her bit. According to her, Trump has done everything wrong. If only she and her colleagues were at the controls… When Pelosi appeared yesterday on FOX News Sunday — excerpt below, entire segment here — Chris Wallace played the February 24 news clip of Pelosi inviting tourists to come »

Corona meltdowns

Featured image The great Victor Davis Hanson eloquently chronicles the “Corona meltdowns” of Nancy Pelosi, the media, and Joe Biden in his American Greatness column of that name. This is his take on the media circus on we see in the daily White House coronavirus task force briefings: Watching the media deal with the daily White House briefings reminds the country that we have never had journalism of this low character before—not »

Pelosi barks

Featured image Nancy Pelosi is Exhibit A in Kim Strassel’s Wall Street Journal Potomac Watch column “Pols Face a Coronavirus Test.” Subhead: “Who’s leading and who’s seeking political advantage? Here are the answers.” Pelosi is the leading example of what not to do: Crises have a way of separating the leaderlike wheat from the opportunistic chaff. Coronavirus is the crisis of our time, and the political winnowing is something to behold. Example: »

Who’s Fiddling?

Featured image I don’t watch television, so I am spared much of the madness that most people have to absorb. But I take it that the Democrats and their press are still doing their best to blame COVID-19 on President Trump. This makes no sense, obviously, but when has that ever stopped them? On CNN on Sunday, Nancy Pelosi said, “As the President ‘fiddles,’ people are dying.” That is an absurd way »

Pelosi Caves

Featured image Nancy Pelosi has thrown in the towel on her attempt to misuse the Wuhan virus epidemic to sneak partisan legislation that has never been able to make it through Congress into law. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that she will attempt to pass the Senate’s coronavirus economic stimulus package – putting aside the alternative, projected $2.5 trillion measure that she proposed. The California Democrat said she’ll try to pass »

Dems gotta Dem, Pelosi style

Featured image Congressional Democrats apparently count on the media to conceal the reason for the failure of the relief package on the floor of the Senate this week. The absurdly irrelevant provisions that Dems seek to incorporate to further the progressive takeover of the United States are meant to remain a deep secret. The current crisis — it’s not meant to go to waste, in the usual reckoning of the thought leaders »

Starring Nancy Pelosi

Featured image The Senate Republicans have tweeted out a one-minute video starring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hard at work last night tearing up the text of President Trump’s terrific State of the Union Address. The video cleverly alternates moving highlights excerpted from the president’s address with the shots of Pelosi at work. I trust this will not be the last we will see of Pelosi’s uncreative destruction in Republican advertising this year. »

Pelosi’s pique

Featured image The distaff contingent of the House Democrats’ caucus attended the State of the Union address last night dressed in white. I had forgotten the meaning of the symbolism, although I did notice that no one’s attire exceeded Pelosi’s in whiteness. She was, preeminently, the woman in white. As President Trump moved into the wrenching heart of his speech, Pelosi demonstrated her disapproval with a variety of facial maneuvers. Like a »

I don’t believe what I just saw

Featured image In case you missed it, and in case this is your first stop for news about President Trump’s State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of Trump’s speech (as I understand it, the official copy he is constitutionally required to give her) at the end of the oration. Pelosi doesn’t exactly exude class on her best day, but this was an incredible display of petulance. To »

A Great Night for Trump and the Republicans

Featured image Before tonight’s State of the Union, the White House told reporters to expect a low-key presentation by the president. That was what we got, in style–relatively subdued. The content, on the other hand, was dynamite. More than anything, the speech was a reminder of what an excellent record the president has to run on in November. In both domestic and foreign policy, his achievements are essentially unarguable. This puts the »

Impeachment a la mode

Featured image The Dems have no shame in pursuing a fraudulent case for impeachment fraudulently. No shame at all. I thought they had reached the limit in justifying their haste in the House proceedings by the alleged emergency presented by President Trump, and then sitting on the articles of impeachment for a month for some ulterior purpose. That was not the limit. After Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed the solemn and prayerful nature »

A gross engrossment

Featured image House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats celebrated the passage of impeachment articles against President Trump yesterday. Pelosi and the Democrats could barely contain themselves. Among the celebratory events was a ceremonial “engrossment” of the articles (video below). The engrossment — it was gross. Pelosi signed the articles at the engrossment as though the signing represented an epochal achievement along the lines of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with »

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Featured image Pelosi treated impeachment as a major accomplishment, yet it is a disgrace representing the cheapening and degradation of an awesome constitutional power. Pelosi’s remarks naming the House impeachment managers were weird beyond belief (video below). “Listen, my children, and you shall hear,” Pelosi’s deep thoughts on…time: This is a very important day for us. As you know I referenced temporal markers that our founders and our poets and others have »