Restatement on comments (rated R)

Featured image As I have mentioned a time or two before, we seek to maintain a tone appropriate to civil discourse on this site. As new commenters have joined the conversation, a restatement of ground rules may be appropriate. We not only strive to maintain an appropriate tone, we seek to elevate the tone. It is a tone that comes naturally to most of our readers and commenters. I review comments for »

A personal note on Pritikin

Featured image I’m leaving the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa in Miami in the next hour. I’ve been here for a week and am sorry to leave. It has been an eye-opening experience. I won’t bore you with the details. I will only say this. If you have high blood pressure, or high blood sugar, or high cholesterol, I think the Pritikin diet can help you. Several people here for high blood »

A note to commenters (rated R)

Featured image As I have mentioned a time or two before, we seek to maintain a tone appropriate to civil discourse on this site. It is a tone that comes naturally to most of our readers and commenters. I review comments for abuse and vulgarity. Most of our commenters have no problem speaking in polite company. However, every day I now moderate comments by commenters who are routinely vulgar. Some commenters appear »

A Dinner Invitation to Our Readers

Featured image If you live within driving distance of the Twin Cities, you should come: a week from Saturday, May 21, Center of the American Experiment will hold its 27th Annual Dinner. I have been master of ceremonies for the last 11 or so annual dinners, but my role will change this year as I became President of the Center in January. You can go here to read about my assuming leadership »

Coming Attractions

Featured image Three-quarters of the Power Line team met in person last night at a disclosed location (John’s kitchen) in Apple Valley, Minnesota, which happens about as often as a Halley’s Comet flyby. (Paul is still in seclusion over in Eastern Europe hoping the whole Trump thing is just some kind of practical joke.) Here you can see the team hard at work in our makeshift newsroom, getting ready to have some »

Media Alert: Radio Days Ahead

Early risers should tune in tomorrow and Tuesday morning as I’ll be guest-hosting the Bill Bennett show both days (6 – 9 am eastern time). We’re still working on the guest list, but tomorrow we’ll have for sure Henry Olsen at 6:35 am, and Prof. Joshua Dunn, co-author of an important new book just out, Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University, needless to say a subject »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image We are sad to note the passing of Ammo Grrrl’s mother this week, Ammo Grrrll is taking the week off. She asks that her readers and fans keep her in their thoughts and prayers. I asked if she would let us remember her mother by name. She responded: We were blessed to have her for 94 years and 50 weeks. She would have been 95 on March 24. She died »

Farewell, Mr. Monium

Featured image We appreciate the community of commenters that has grown up on Power Line and have afforded a wide ambit for robust comments. Commenters and commenters have proliferated in the past few months. Many, however, are resistant to our guidelines seeking to preserve a forum one can read without wincing. In the interest of keeping it clean, we have automated the exclusion of comments with gratuitous vulgarity. Our publisher has loaded »

Hello, Boulder, I’m Baaaack!

Featured image For Boulder area Power Line peeps (and I remember a lot of you from our great meetup in August 2013 at the Bohemian Bier Garden on 13th Street), I’m making a return visit to campus on Monday, to participate in a panel discussion on “Climate Change After Paris.” (Short answer: Same as before Paris. Footnotes to follow.) It will be in Eaton Humanities Room 150. If I’m not too worn »

A note to commenters

Featured image Our community of commenters has been a relatively congenial group for a long time. The comments have added an element of fun and fellowship to the site. We therefore try to afford our readers a wide ambit for robust comments, but the current campaigns seems to be bringing out the worst in enthusiasts of various of the candidates. I have previously observed that Donald Trump is not only vulgar in »

Goodbye Faegre, hello CAE [with comment by Paul][and Updated With John’s Responses to Comments]

Featured image At the end of this month, John Hinderaker will retire from the practice of law at Faegre Baker Daniels (formerly Faegre & Benson) after 41 years. He’s not simply retiring, however, he is also moving on to take over as president of the Center of the American Experiment in Minneapolis. John has had an illustrious and accomplished career at the firm. I overlapped with John for 16 years, working next »

Announcing the Coolidge Scholarship

Featured image Calvin Coolidge doesn’t get as much ink in the history books — or the election stories — as he deserves. The words “Calvin Coolidge” simply aren’t uttered enough. That’s a shame since Coolidge stood for a number of principles we esteem: civility, limited government, thrift, low taxes, federalism, and responsible citizenship. Now the Coolidge name is about to get a powerful boost from the 17-19 year old set. That’s because »

Media alert: Talking “Minnesota men” with Bill Bennett (Also Climate)

Featured image Bill Bennett has invited me to appear for a segment on his Morning in America radio program tomorrow morning to discuss my Weekly Standard article “The threat from ‘Minnesota men.'” I’m scheduled to appear at the top of the hour around 8:05 a.m. (Eastern). You can find a local station carrying Bill’s show here. I think you can also listen to the show via live stream accessible here. I’m grateful »

What Happens in Vegas . . . Ends Up on Power Line?

Featured image For any Las Vegas area readers, I’ll be appearing this Saturday on two panels of the Vegas Valley Book Festival. Yes—you read that correctly: the Vegas Valley Book Festival, not the Vegas Valley Bookie Festival, as you likely assumed if you read too quickly. And by “book” they do mean the printed kind with intelligent words, and not the kind where you make your Sunday bets on the NFL. Click »

Netanyahu returns

Featured image I want to share this announcement from the American Enterprise Institute: American Enterprise Institute president Arthur C. Brooks announced today that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will receive the 2015 Irving Kristol Award on November 9, 2015, in Washington, DC. The annual award, AEI’s highest honor, is given to individuals who have made exceptional practical and intellectual contributions to improve government policy, social welfare, or political understanding. The winner is »

Amity Shlaes invites you

Featured image Our friend Amity Shlaes is chair of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation; she writes to invite applications for the foundation’s Coolidge Prize for Journalism. The prize comes with a $20,000 award. The deadline for submission of the application is September 25. The application requires submission of three published articles or published blog posts under 800 words each. The prize is to recognize work embodying the spirit and principles of Coolidge. »

Great Figures from Great Teachers

Featured image Are you an advanced student or young professional in academia, public policy, economics, national security, journalism, law, business, or the military?  Then I’ve got the program for you to check out: The Hertog Foundation’s “Great Figures of the 20th Century” seminars. The full program consists of four weekend seminars on Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher, and David Ben-Gurion, beginning in January of next year and held in Washington DC. See the link »